Experiencing inAtalent, Volunteer Perspective: Trinamanjari Sarkar

Updated: Jun 7

I am very grateful to inAtalent for giving such unique and special opportunities to youngsters like us to showcase our talent and at the same time, help to serve the senior community.

During my first session in an art and crafts class, I was amazed by the seniors’ originality and it made me happy to see them delighted with their project. I was willing to help and collaborate with the seniors to make them feel satisfied with their finished product. It was a pleasure to create the example artwork piece, and it made me feel grateful to be able to help those in need.

There was also a recital that I was part of, in which I performed “Chiquitita” by the song group ABBA. This was a great way to entertain the seniors and overcome stage fright for performers like me. I felt it was a treat to sing in front of the seniors. After the recital ended, I received many compliments and was overwhelmed by their kindness.

I cherish my experience at inAtalent and will continue volunteering and helping the seniors around me.

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