inAtalent Journey

Walking towards the building, I opened the door as a few elderly folks smiled at me. I waved back and continued towards the front desk to sign in. Making my way to the activity room, where a large audience was awaiting us, butterflies flew through my stomach. What if they don’t like me? I thought. What do I do if they judge? Opening the door to a room filled with rows of chairs, a piano, and a clear performance space, I anticipated the show with anxiety and a little dread. But as soon as I picked up the microphone and began to speak eloquently and sing clearly, all worries fell away. I could see how the audience enjoyed all of our talents, and felt all we have to do is show up to bring out the smiles on senior faces and the twinkling of their eyes. 

Since then overcoming all the hurdles, me and my team of volunteers have worked incessantly to prepare for a perfect show. Every month since April 2018, I have continued to organize kid talent shows for seniors, as well as sing, dance, or emcee them. It was extremely moving when the activity coordinators told me about seeing seniors more optimistic and energized after our shows. Child after child becomes confident enough to share their talents with the world, and senior after senior compliments and encourages. This is inAtalent. I voluntarily take time out to share my years of training in Kathak and singing and share with the community of seniors, and get so much more in return. Each inAtalent show has build confidence in the performers, and most of all, taught me gratitude, leadership, and organization skills.

-Meha Gaba

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