Volunteering encourages young people to think of others and become compassionate young adults..

Hi, my name is Shreyaa Karan, and I am a rising Junior at Evergreen Valley High School in San Jose, California. For almost two years I have been an active volunteer for InATalent, a nonprofit organization based in the Bay Area, California. Through InATalent, I have been given numerous opportunities to showcase my talents/ passion of classical dancing, MCing for shows, and teaching incoming middle schoolers math concepts, etc.. These opportunities have boosted my confidence and communication skills over the years. ​As a typical and sometimes self-centered highschooler, I have lived most of my teen life believing the world centers around me and my needs. My perspective of the world changed when I began volunteering for InATalent. What started out as something I did to pass some time, became something I am now passionate about and plan to continue for the remainder of my high school career and beyond. Volunteering encourages young people to think of others and become compassionate young adults. It is the perfect way to discover something you may be really good at as you develop a new skill. Volunteering brings together a diverse range of people from all walks of life and it has helped me to gain perspective on life as there is no better way to understand the values of helping people in need.

Through my experiences as a volunteer in Senior centers, I realized how much the little things that we may take for granted here can mean to them, such as being able to have access to different forms of entertainment, whether it be music, dancing, or any other form of the arts. As a volunteer over this pandemic for teaching incoming middle schoolers math concepts, it made me feel content knowing that I was able to utilize this quarantine and put my time and effort towards something both valuable and important for me and the students I was able to mentor.

Overall, through InATalent, I was able to step out of my comfort zone and I got out of my world and stepped into the world of others. I believe all students should gain a better understanding of the world around them, even if they choose to volunteer for just a short amount of time. The world will be a much better place for it, and I feel sure that many will decide, as I did, to continue with their efforts and passion.

Shreyaa Karan (06/12/2020)

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