Volunteering gives me a pleasure that I cannot define in words - Volunteer Experience

Updated: Jun 13

When I visited my grandma last year, I spent a lot of time with her by playing board games and making crafts. I could easily see the happiness on her face simply by interacting with me, and I also felt so pampered and special.

When I heard about inAtalent’s Arts & Crafts workshop, I immediately decided to volunteer for it. I am able to relive the experiences I had with my grandma. The smiles on the seniors’ faces after making the crafts are irreplaceable, and that gives me positive energy.

Every time I go to the Arts & Crafts workshop, one senior always greets me in and wants me to be her helper. As soon as I enter the room, she speaks with happiness, “Here is my helper.” The spark on her face is invaluable. It gives me immense satisfaction that I am the source of her joy.

I look forward for more of these workshops with seniors. Working with them gives me a pleasure that I cannot define in just words. Thank you inAtalent for giving me such a meaningful opportunity and showing me how great it is to bring a smile on someone else’s face.

I am a seventh grader in Stratford Middle School, and I volunteer at senior citizen facilities through inAtalent.

Aarav Gupta


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