inAtalent continues to monitor the effects of the disease. The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has affected the daily lives of many around the world, and inAtalent has taken actions to continue our community service during these unprecedented times by running classes to share talents.  inAtalent Academy has taught over 40 classes during shelter in place all run by volunteers who are passionate about sharing their talents helping community while everyone was trying to figure their new normal.  Classes continue to run with great attendance….



Our Roots

inAtalent is the epitome of what a community can do for each individual. We have volunteering ventures in the realm of performance, arts, technology, and now in education as well. We have been awarded with Organization of the Year by CREST awards in 2018.



Educating students in the time of Covid-19

Sign up for one of our many free classes in a myriad of topics.



Bringing smiles to your local senior center

Come perform for seniors with whatever talent you have! Put on some music and dance, play your guitar and sing, or even come show some magic.



Offering free workshops to better the standard of living for seniors,

inAtalent offers many workshops at local bay-area based senior centers. Whether it be painting, arts and crafts, or even technology, our volunteers will conduct workshops to brighten their day!


Get in touch with inAtalent to learn more about our work and how you can get involved.

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