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This Code of Conduct is intended to provide standards of professional conduct that can be

applied by the volunteers of the inAtalent organization.   This Code also provides a common set of

values upon which the instructor builds their professional work and has as its primary goal the welfare

and protection of the individuals and groups with whom the instructors help. It is the individual

responsibility of each instructor to aspire to the highest possible standards of conduct.  inAtalent

volunteers respect and protect human and civil rights, and do not knowingly participate in or condone

unfair discriminatory practices.

Code of Conduct

A: Competence

• inAtalent volunteers strive to maintain high standards of excellence in their teaching.

• inAtalent volunteers recognize the boundaries of their particular competencies and the

• limitations of their expertise. They provide instruction in only those areas for which they

• are qualified by training and experience.

• inAtalent volunteers maintain knowledge of relevant technical information related to the

• instruction they render, and they recognize the need for ongoing education and training.

B: Integrity

• inAtalent volunteers seek to promote integrity in the volunteering help they provide.

• inAtalent volunteers are honest, fair, and respectful of others. In describing or reporting

• their qualifications, services, or experiences, they do not make statements that are false,

misleading, or deceptive.

C: Professional Responsibility

• inAtalent volunteers uphold ethical standards of conduct, accept appropriate responsibility

• for their behavior, and adapt their teaching methods to the needs of different learners.

• inAtalent volunteers consult with, refer to, or cooperate with other inAtalent volunteers to the

• extent needed to serve the best interest of the recipient.

• inAtalent volunteers respect the fundamental rights, dignity, and worth of all learners as well as

people they help.

• Instructors are aware of cultural, individual, and role differences, including those due to age,

gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability, language, and

socio-economic status.

• inAtalent volunteers do not knowingly participate in or condone unfair discriminatory practices.

• inAtalent volunteers do not engage in sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is sexual

solicitation, physical advances, or verbal or nonverbal conduct that is sexual in nature, and that

either: (1) is unwelcome, is offensive, or creates a hostile environment, and the instructor knows

or is told this; or (2) is sufficiently severe or intense to be abusive to a reasonable person in the

context. Sexual harassment can consist of a single intense or severe act or of multiple persistent

or pervasive acts.

• inAtalent volunteers do not engage in behavior that is harassing or demeaning to learners based

on factors such as those persons' age, gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual

orientation, disability, language, or socioeconomic status.

E: Concern for the Learners Welfare

• inAtalent volunteers seek to consider the rights and obligations of each learner and

contribute to the well being of their student. Instructors are sensitive to differences in

“power” between themselves and others, and they do not exploit or mislead the learner or

other people during or after their professional relationship.

• inAtalent volunteers will take reasonable steps to avoid harming a learner and to minimize harm

where it is foreseeable and unavoidable.

• inAtalent volunteers will ensure that any physical contact with a leaner is appropriate to the

situation and necessary for that learner’s skill development.

• inAtalent volunteers will provide a safe and healthy environment for training and or

demonstrations and will ensure that equipment and facilities are appropriate and meet

safety requirements.

• inAtalent volunteers will show concern and caution towards a sick or injured learner and

encourage the individual to seek medical advice when required. 

• inAtalent volunteers will not tolerate the use of narcotics or performance-enhancing drugs by

learners and will support learners' efforts to be drug-free.

• inAtalent volunteers refrain from tobacco and alcohol use while they are instructing.

F: Responsible Teaching

• inAtalent volunteers are aware of their professional responsibilities to the community and the

society in which they work and live. inAtalent volunteers try to avoid misuse of their work and

comply with the law.

• inAtalent volunteers provide proper training and supervision to their employees or supervisees

and take reasonable steps to see that such persons perform services responsibly, competently,

and ethically 

G. Other

• inAtalent volunteers have an obligation to be familiar with this Code of Conduct and their

application to the volunteers’ efforts. Lack of awareness or misunderstanding of an ethical

standard is not itself a defense to a charge of unethical conduct.

• When an inAtalent volunteers is uncertain whether a particular situation or course of action

would violate the Code of Conduct, the volunteer ordinarily consults with other inAtalent

volunteers knowledgeable about ethical issues.

Also,  for volunteers helping with training, instructing, fundraising, hosting events, as well as

volunteering in general in any number of inAtalent community initiatives, accepting the previous as well

as following terms of agreement as a code of conduct will be necessary.  

1.    I will abide by all rules, regulations and policies of inAtalent and ensure that my company’s

membership remains in good standing at all times. Furthermore, I will at all times obey all applicable

national, state, province, and local laws and regulations.

2.    I will conduct the all affairs of INATALENT in good faith and with honesty, integrity, and due


3.    I will exercise proper authority and good judgment in dealings with INATALENT staff, suppliers,

event hosts, and the general public and will respond to the needs of INATALENT’s members in a

responsible, respectful, and professional manner.

4.    I will not misuse INATALENT property or resources or allow any unauthorized person to have or use

such property. I will at all times keep INATALENT’s property secure.

5.    I will use my best efforts to regularly participate in volunteer activities and perform assigned duties

in a professional and timely manner.

6.    I will not engage in or facilitate any discriminatory or harassing behavior directed toward INATALENT

staff, members, volunteers, directors, meeting attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, suppliers, contractors, or

others relating to INATALENT.

7.    I will not have meetings or discussions in relation to volunteer team activities or team decisions

without the knowledge or participation of the team staff liaison.

8.    I will act at all times in the best interest of INATALENT and not for personal or third‐party gain or

financial enrichment. When encountering potential conflicts of interest, as required, I will remove

myself from the matter.

9.    Specifically, I will:

Avoid placing self‐interest or third‐party interest above that of INATALENT. Unintentional personal or

third‐party benefits must be merely incidental to the primary benefit of INATALENT.

I will not abuse my volunteer position by improperly using INATALENT's staff, services, equipment,

resources, or property for personal or third‐party gain or pleasure. I will not represent to third parties

that my authority as a volunteer extends any further than it actually does. Goods, services, or benefits

should not be provided or promised on behalf of INATALENT.

I will not accept gifts, gratuities, personal property, or any other item of value from any person or entity

as an incentive to provide special treatment in matters pertaining to INATALENT without fully disclosing

such items to the Board of Directors.

I will not provide or promise goods or services to INATALENT as a paid vendor, unless full disclosure has

been provided in advance and approved by the Board of Directors. *See Members as Vendors Policy

In addition to the foregoing Code of Conduct, I agree to the following:

1.    As a INATALENT volunteer, I may have access to INATALENT content and or contact information. I

acknowledge and agree that all INATALENT content and contact information(and all rights therein,

including, without limitation, copyright) belongs to and shall be the sole and exclusive property of

INATALENT. Nothing herein shall be construed to grant any license to or grant any rights to me or

anyone acting through me to publish, license, or in any manner use INATALENT content. I shall, at all

times, use my best efforts to prevent the unauthorized publication, license, or use of INATALENT

content by any persons not authorized by INATALENT.

2.    As a INATALENT volunteer, INATALENT or its staff or other volunteers (each, a “DISCLOSING PARTY”)

may disclose to me, information INATALENT may consider proprietary and confidential which (a) relates

to INATALENT’s past, present or future research, development, business activities, products, services, or

technical knowledge and (b) has been identified as confidential or would be understood to be

confidential by a reasonable person ("CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION").

    a.    CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION of INATALENT may be used by me only in connection with my

INATALENT volunteer activities.

    b.    I agree to protect the confidentiality of INATALENT’s CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION with the same

degree of care that I use to protect the confidentiality of my own (or my company’s) confidential

information of similar kind, but in no event shall I use less than reasonable care.

    c.    CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION shall at all times remain, as between the INATALENT and me, the

property of INATALENT. Except to the extent otherwise agreed by INATALENT, no express or implied

license or right to or under any patents, trade secrets, copyrights, trademarks or other rights is granted

hereunder or any disclosure of CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION hereunder.

    d.    All CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION made available hereunder, including copies thereof, shall be

returned to INATALENT upon INATALENT’s request.

    e.    Nothing in this Code shall prohibit or limit my use of information (including, but not limited to,

ideas, concepts, know-how, techniques, and methodologies) (i) previously known to me, prior to its

receipt from a DISCLOSING PARTY, (ii) independently developed by me without use of the

CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION, (iii) acquired by it from a third party which was not under an obligation

to INATALENT not to disclose such information, or (iv) which is or becomes publicly available through no

breach of this Code by me.

    f.    In the event I receive a subpoena or other validly issued administrative or judicial process

requesting INATALENT’s CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION, I shall promptly notify INATALENT and tender to

it the defense of such demand. Unless the demand shall have been timely limited, quashed or extended,

I shall thereafter be entitled to comply with such demand to the extent required or permitted by law or

a court or other body of competent jurisdiction over the matter in question. If requested by INATALENT,

I shall reasonably cooperate (at INATALENT’s expense) in the defense of a demand.

    g.    Nothing in this Code shall prohibit or restrict INATALENT’s or my right to develop, use, or market

products or services similar to or competitive with those of the other party disclosed in the

CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION as long as it shall not thereby breach this Code. I acknowledge that

INATALENT or other volunteers or staff may already possess or have developed products or services

similar to or competitive with those of INATALENT disclosed in the CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION.

3.    In my capacity as a INATALENT volunteer, I may assist INATALENT staff members and others,

including third-party contractors, in the development, modification, and refinement of instructional

texts and related material for INATALENT’s educational courses (individually and collectively known as

the “INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY”). I hereby grant, convey, assign, and set over unto INATALENT, its

successors and assigns, exclusively and irrevocably, all of my right, title, and interest in and to the

copyrights in all of my contributions, past, present, and future, to the INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY (the

“CONTRIBUTIONS”), including without limitation, copyrights and renewals and/ or extensions thereof,

for all territories of the world in perpetuity. Good and valuable consideration has been provided to me

for the assignment of these rights. I also waive any and all moral rights, and rights of attribution and

integrity, with respect to INATALENT’s use of the CONTRIBUTIONS. Nothing herein shall be deemed to

assign to INATALENT rights in any idea, procedure, process, system, method of operation, concept,

principle, discovery or other matter as to which copyright protection does not extend.

4.    I hereby represent and warrant to INATALENT that the CONTRIBUTIONS are my own original work;

that I am the sole owner of the CONTRIBUTIONS and all of the rights granted herein; that I have the full

right and power to make this assignment; that the CONTRIBUTIONS do not violate any copyright,

proprietary or personal rights of others; that the CONTRIBUTIONS are factually accurate and contain no

matter which is libelous, slanderous, or otherwise unlawful; that I have not previously disposed of any of

the rights granted herein to INATALENT nor previously granted any rights adverse thereto or

inconsistent therewith; and that there are no rights outstanding which would diminish, encumber or

impair the full enjoyment or exercise of the rights herein granted to INATALENT.

5.    I may not assign my rights or delegate my duties or obligations under this Volunteer Code of

Conduct and Agreement (“Code”) without INATALENT’s prior written consent. Any attempt to assign or

delegate my rights, duties or obligations in violation of this Code is void. This Code may not be modified

or amended except by the mutual written agreement of INATALENT and me. No waiver of any provision

of this Code shall be effective unless it is in writing and signed by the party against which it is sought to

be enforced.

6.    This Code is the complete and exclusive statement of my agreement with INATALENT relating to the

subject matter of this Code. This agreement supersedes all requests for proposals, proposals or other

prior agreements, oral or written, and all other communications between the parties relating to the

subject matter hereof.

7.    If any term or provision of this Code is found by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid,

illegal or otherwise unenforceable, the same shall not affect the other terms or provisions hereof or the

whole of this Code, but such term or provision shall be deemed modified to the extent necessary in the

court's opinion to render such term or provision enforceable, and the rights and obligations of the

parties shall be construed and enforced accordingly, preserving to the fullest permissible extent the

intent and agreements of the parties herein set forth.

8.    This Code shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of California, without

giving effect to conflict of law rules.


Release of Liability/Disclaimer

By singining this I hearby grant permission to inAtalent to publish photographs taken of me and/or the

minor accompanied by me who participates in the volunteering activities arranged by inAtalent for

publicly promoting it's mission, accomplishments and any marketing materials created.


I agree that during volunteering activities of teaching or learning during the classes set by inAtalent

recording of the same is not allowed. I understand that inAtalent will take a few pictures while

classes are conducted online for their marketing material.

Disclaimer - I hereby release inAtalent including it's trustees, members and volunteers, from any type

of injury while participating online to attend a volunteer driven class. I will also assume the risk

associated with participation in this event whether known or unknown to me at this time

Code of Conduct
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