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Arts & Crafts Workshops

In our workshops, seniors feel utmost joy while creating arts & crafts with kids from elementary to high school. The arts & crafts are designs based on holidays, festivals, or themes of the month.

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Talent shows

Kids from different cultures perform their talents to seniors. Seniors feel delighted when they see kids performing anything from dance to singing to even magic tricks. There are many times when the seniors themselves start dancing and singing with the kids.


Tech help

While creating a contact is a simple task for this generation, it is a difficult one for many seniors. Our young volunteers help seniors for anything from creating a contact to setting up their laptop to even setting up their personal alexa or google home among much else.

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International Festivals & Celebration

inAtalent celebrates many different festivals from around the world with our seniors whether it is thanksgiving, diwali, cinco de mayo, or more!

Image by Madhukar Kumar
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