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Meet our Summer 2021 Instructors!

Meet our Summer 2022 Volunteers!

Gorisha Runthula

Stellar Astronomy, Algebra, Drawing and Painting

Amogh Maheshwari

Competition Math


Ella Rodrigues

Short Story Writing

Sanika Vaidya

Spanish 1 - An Introduction to Spanish

Hello! My name is Sanika Vaidya, and I'm a rising 9th grader at Lynbrook High School, California. I have been learning Spanish for 2 years so far, and I am going to continue learning Spanish during my years of high school as well. 

Sanika Vaidya.jpg

Kanuj Verma

How To Build A Computer

Anya Gupta


Hi! My name is Anya Gupta. I have always loved singing and have been learning it for 6 years. I have won a gold medal in my level 4 singing exam and participated in multiple NATS singing competitions, scoring an average of 95+. I have also created a YouTube channel, Anya's Vocal Insight, which contains tutorials to help other vocal enthusiasts. I genuinely want to take my passion for vocal singing to the next level and, at the same time, help my community by sharing the skills I have. Can't wait!

AnyaPicture - Anya Gupta.jpg

Anchita Arora


Shripriya Kalbhavi

Human Body — A Biomachine, Chemistry — An Uncovered Mystery, Who Wants to be a Millionaire? — An Introduction to Finance


My name is Shripriya, and I am an upcoming seventh grader at Miller Middle School in California. I am a mathlete and have been competing in math competitions such as Math Kangaroo and AMC8 since first grade. I have a passion for science, and I enjoy learning about the human body as well. I also debate Public Forum for Miller, and my hobbies include reading, writing, singing, and playing basketball.

PHOTO-2021-01-03-18-12-37 - Shripriya An

Aarav Gupta

All About the Solar System, All About the Universe

Hi, I am Aarav Gupta, an 11th grader at Bellarmine College Preparatory. Since my childhood, I have always loved to learn about outer space, and it has become my passion. A year ago, I won second place in the NASA Competition, "Lucy in Space," and I continue to watch documentaries and videos about astronomy. Besides astronomy, I like to play table tennis, and I am part of the robotics team at my school. Before COVID-19, I used to volunteer at senior citizen facilities through inAtalent for the arts and crafts workshop. Over the years, I have gained a lot of knowledge about space, and I would love to share this knowledge with you!

Vyshnavi Nallandigal

Creative Writing

Hi, my name is Vyshnavi Nallandigal! I am currently a 10th grader at Cupertino High School in the state of California. My passion for writing began with quarantine, like many of the other talents people have gained today. Due to the amount of free time I had, jotting down stories had really enhanced my quality of writing. Some of my character traits include organization, patience, and humor, which I think are vital to being a good teacher who is able to preserve the sense of "fun" even in a digital classroom. My passions include reading, writing, dancing, and art. I am excited to teach middle school student's how to express personality and creativity in their writing, writing stories that touch hearts, show perspective and experiences, and can just make someone burst into a laugh :).

Vyshnavi Nallandigal

Srinjoyi Roy Chowdhury

Science class, Art, Geometry

Hello, my name is Srinjoyi Roy Chowdhury and I am in 8th Grade.

Kavya Gupta

Introduction to Computer Science and Programming using Scratch

Hi! I'm Kavya Gupta and I'm a rising freshman at Monta Vista High School in California. I started coding in Scratch when I was very young and have since been coding for around 5 years. I've also completed an online course in Scratch from Harvard University, as well as practice coding in different languages, such as Python, Java, HTML, and CSS. Other than this, I have taught reading comprehension classes and math classes. I can't wait to teach students the basics of coding with Scratch!


Shivany Dowlat

Painting (acrylic and Water color), French Introduction

Hi! My name is Shivany Dowlat and I am a Sophomore at Cupertino High, California. I have been painting even before I could write! I've conducted an art workshop and I have had my own art exhibition! I teach English at AASHA. I have been painting for more than 10 years now and teaching for 5! I usually teach classes for children ages 5-10, and I am well versed in Acrylic and WaterColors ! For languages, I've learnt french from 5th grade ! I have a strong foundation in grammar and writing, I am so excited to help people with the basics of French and improve or branch your art skills :)

Tavisha Patel

Public Speaking


Jasmeh Singh Sudan

Intro to Python, Geometry

Hi! My name is Jasmeh and I am a rising freshman at Irvington High School, California. I have a A in my geometry class and know geometry well enough to teach people. I also like to code in my free time and take coding classes. I am hoping to major in Computer science to reach my dream job as a game developer. I am excited to teach students fun and useful skills which will be used in the future.

Megha Basaralu

Bollywood Dance, French Introduction

Hello! My name is Megha Basaralu, and I'm a current 10th grader studying at Cupertino High School. There is a lot to know about me, but if you need to know one thing about me, I would tell you that I love dancing. I have been dancing for almost my whole life, learning a variety of dances like hip-hop, Bollywood, and jazz. Ever since I was young, I used to dance in front of the TV and try to teach my mother. That always didn't go my way, however, as I've grown up, choreographing dances and making my way into the Bollywood dance team at my school has ignited my passion for learning and teaching dance. Additionally, I am a sucker for long conversations about the most bizarre topics. Even though I may not be the most knowledgeable about the topics, I still find a way to converse about them. I've been learning French ever since middle school, and teaching my peers about what I know, makes me feel intelligent, and makes me feel like I've made an impact. I might not have the most experience when it comes to teaching, but using the techniques and skills I've developed over the course of 15 years, I'm immensely interested in teaching young students what I've learned.

Megha Basaralu

Vishakh Renjith


Sriya Chakravarthula


Hello! My name is Sriya and I am a rising sophomore at Carmel High School, Indiana. I have always been interested in math and always wanted to learn more. I am currently learning Algebra 2 and am trying for Honors PreCalculus for sophomore year. A couple of my other hobbies are singing (Indian Classical Music) and karate. I am enthusiastic to teach middle school students Algebra 1.



Algebra, Introduction to Java




Ruben Varghese

Introduction to Neuroscience

Hello! My name is Ruben Varghese and I am a rising 9th grader at Cupertino High School, CA. Science is a subject that I have always enjoyed due to the fact I have been intreseted in science ever since elementary school, ever since my first science project. I have been curious about the human body, its functions, and its emotions ever since I understand those topics. During the 7th grade, I created a documentary about the nervous system and the brain as part of my school project. I am excited to share my knowledge to other middle school students, which will be useful for them in the future. I am preparing for the Brain Bee competition and would like to share the same curriculum in the class.

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