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Past Projects

Welcome to our "Past Projects" page, where we highlight the impactful initiatives and endeavors that we have successfully undertaken in the past. Here, you can explore the stories, accomplishments, and lasting effects of our completed projects. As we reflect on these past endeavors, we celebrate the milestones achieved, the lives touched, and the positive changes made within our community. Join us on this journey through our past projects, and witness the transformative power of our collective efforts.

Colorful Knitting


Fidget Blanket Drive

During our Fidget Blanket Drive, we collected and distributed fidget lap blankets to seniors living with Alzheimer's and dementia. These sensory stimulation blankets provided comfort and relaxation, enhancing their overall well-being and quality of life.


inAtalk Sessions

InAtalk Sessions brought together three generations virtually, fostering engaging discussions on current world-class topics. These thought-provoking conversations bridged generational perspectives and inspired meaningful dialogue.

Elderly couple
Watercolor Painting


Virtual Art and Dine

Virtual Art and Dine sessions brought seniors together for monthly virtual gatherings filled with art, delightful conversations, and shared meals. It provided a unique and enjoyable experience that fostered connection and creative expression in a virtual setting.


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