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Summer Camps

We offer a wide selection of free camps and classes. Limited Seats. Please register to reserve your spot.

Optional Donation of $25/family to help inAtalent continue our mission. Thank you! 

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Instructor: Anshika Gupta

Grades: 2-4

Join me in this virtual inAtalent interactive and fun class to discuss and learn about tips and tricks for Math Olympiad and Math Kangaroo tests. We will go over lots of fun questions. We will also practice on real test questions from the past so you are confident when you walk out of this class. 

Material Needed: paper, pen, a device to connect to Zoom and a fun attitude to learn. 


Instructor: Riya Malik

Grades: 2-6

Course Description: The goal of this class is to teach children how to speak up and use their opinions and ideas to form coherent speeches. Communication is an important skill to have in the future and I hope to teach that to children. We will be learning about different types of speech forms, the speech structure, and key points that impact our performance. 

So to every child who has a fear of public speaking or has stage fright, hop on over to these zoom sessions and grow as a speaker!

Materials Needed: Device for Zoom meetings, notebook, pen/pencil to take notes.


Instructor: Aarav Gupta

Grades: 2-5

Google Sheets is a powerful tool. It is a cloud-based spreadsheet that you can use anywhere, from any devices and it’s free. Most of the schools use Google Sheets because it allows multiple users to work on the same file. 
In this class you will learn how to create your own spreadsheet, input data, format data, filter data, move data, use formulas, and more. You will also learn how to share and collaborate on a file with multiple users.
Pre-work: Have a gmail account ready.


Instructor: Tavisha Patel
Grades: Preschool-KG

In this class I will be teaching preschoolers and kindergarteners the basics of phonics and reading. Learning the phonics are imperative to develop proper reading skills. I will teach the basics in a fun way that incorporates music. I am so excited to introduce some reading skills to these kids! For parents, here is a link to the class schedules and what to expect: 

Materials needed: A device to run Zoom


Instructor: Kanuj Verma

Grades: 3-8

In this class, you will learn Origami which is a traditional Japanese art of folding paper into decorative shapes and figures. The goal of this art is to transform a flat sheet of paper into a finished sculpture through folding and sculpting techniques.Origami is good for you as it develops eye hand coordination, sequencing skills, memory, but also patience and attention skills. Origami also allows you to develop fine motor skills and mental concentration.
Material Needed: Origami paper, which is essentially a square piece of paper.


Instructor: Shylaa Karan

Grades: K-6

Hi everyone, my name is Shylaa Karan and I am a seventh grader at Quimby Oak Middle School. I have been doing Taekwondo for 8 years and have been to many tournaments throughout the years. I am also a 2nd degree black belt and have taught several age groups in my Taekwondo classes. I am looking forward to teaching you all about basic movements and forms of Taekwondo.

Materials Needed: An open space to move around in and a Laptop.


Instructor: Sonali Goel

Grades: 3-5

In these classes you will learn many different types of art, like sketching, shading, drawing and origami. Sketching is fun and you can express yourself in many ways. You will learn different sketching and shading techniques and draw together. Origami is paper art and we will turn 2D pieces of papers into 3D objects like animals, flowers, bow etc! 

Material Needed: For drawing- Pencil, paper, a solid surface to work on.

For origami- Origami paper (if you don’t have it, any square paper is fine), pen, and a solid surface to work on.


Instructor: Adithri Sharma

Grades: K-5

A singing class for anyone who enjoys music! We will be learning multiple vocal exercises as well as an entire song. Singing is a very great skill to learn and can be used in many situations. We will be singing in a very accepting environment, so there is no reason to be nervous or scared.

Materials Needed: A positive attitude and a device to play music on.



Instructor: Shreyaa Karan

Grades: 6-8

In this class, I will be teaching and discussing with you all about common middle school math topics such as Trigonometry, Graphing Functions, Geometry, and Solving Equations. Join me in this virtual interactive and fun class to discuss and learn about important middle school math topics!

Materials Needed:  Notebook, Laptop, and You


Instructor: Sohil Rathi

Grades: 5-8

This class will cover important test-taking skills for math competitions like AMC 8, MathCounts, etc. During the class, we will:
* Review important topics that are essential for AMC 8 tests 
* Cover topics from different branches of Mathematics - Number Theory, Algebra, Counting & Probability, and Geometry
* Take mock contests to provide some contest experience
* Help improve critical problem-solving and time management skills


Instructor: Utsav Kataria

Grades: 6-9

My aim is to teach everyone the basics of programming using Python. This course introduces fundamental programming concepts such as algorithms, data types, functions, conditionals, loops, strings, lists, modules, graphics, debugging and more.

So, come and join me to learn the most popular programming language which is used by software engineers, analysts and the data scientists. The class  has no prerequisites.

Materials Needed:  Working laptops, Python Idle


Instructor: Utsav Kataria

Grades: 6-9

]This course is the next level for my course on "Python Programming For Beginners".

In this class, we will be exploring more advanced topics and will dig deeper into the object oriented programming. We will cover Files, Dictionaries, Recursion, Exception handling, Classes and Objects, Inheritance and more. If time permits, we will also work on a mini project.

Materials Needed:  Working laptops, Python Idle


Instructor: Sejal Rathi

Grades: 6-10

In this class, you will be exposed to fundamental programming concepts of Java, including variables, conditionals, loops, functions, object-oriented programming, and more. We will also discuss data structures like arrays, lists, sets, and maps along with algorithms like binary search, sorting, and recursion and discuss their time complexities.

If there is interest, we can also go over some common techniques that are useful for competitive programming.


Instructor: Arya Gijare

Grades: 6-8

Topics covered: Alphabet, numbers (0-100), basic pronouns, days of the week, colors, family relations, nouns and adjectives, present tense conjugation, translations, prepositions, conjunctions, speaking practice, reading practice, greetings, and final self introduction


Instructor: Divya Venkataraman

Grades: 6-12

How does a physical lump of me (the brain) give rise to mental life? What are people most afraid of? What do our dreams mean? Do we have natural-born prejudice? What makes us happy? What are the causes and cures of mental illness? This course tries to answer these questions and many others, providing a comprehensive overview of the scientific study of thought and behavior. This course covers every important aspect of the science of the mind. It explores topics such as perception, communication, learning, memory, decision-making, persuasion, emotions, and social behavior. We will look at how these aspects of the mind develop in children, how they differ across people, how they are wired-up in the brain, and how they break down due to illness and injury. This course is also designed to be a beneficial precursor to any AP Psychology course!

I'm admittedly biased, but I think psychology is the most interesting topic around. So, I'm delighted to have you take this course!

Materials Needed: A device to run ZOOM, a notebook and pen/pencil for note taking, and an optimistic attitude!


Instructor: Arushi Gupta

Grades: 6-9

If you have done speech and debate before and want to learn more about how to create and deliver an effective speech, learn more about speaking techniques, pronunciation, enunciation, eye contact then this is the class for you. No worries if you are a beginner and want to learn about public speaking and building your confidence, you are still very welcome. In this course we will go over different forms of speech and I will talk about various competitions that exist out there while learning techniques of how to deliver a powerful impromptu speech. So join me in this interactive class and I am sure it will be a lot of fun!

Materials Needed: Paper, pen and enthusiasm to participate and learn.


Instructor: Riya Malik

Grades: 5-8

The goal of this class is to teach students the concept of creative writing. We want to turn the millions of stories they spill out to us into a tangible piece of writing. Creative writing is an important, conceptualizable skill that we all need to have. We will be going over story structure and plot and analyzing short stories before we begin to write ones of our own.

Don’t be afraid to put your thoughts into words. Instead, come to these classes and learn how to tell your stories!

Materials Needed: Device for Zoom meetings, something to write speeches on (notebook, pen/pencil or computer)


Instructor: Anika Verma

Grades: 5-8

In my 2-week Summer class I will be sharing some of the important lessons I've learned so far on my journey in art. My class shall be helpful for anyone in middle school or older. In the class we will focus on multiple important aspects of art, such as lines, muscle memory, wrist movement and a small amount of life drawing. It will not be like a general art class since I will also teach you how to use references to create your own art style, character design, color usage, aesthetic control and much more. This is something regular art classes at school do not teach and I am happy to share my knowledge on the subject and help you become more confident with drawing figures, faces, objects and illustrative compositions.


Instructor: Riya Malik

Grades: 5-8

In these classes we will be learning how to act and understand roles. We will learn a script and rehearse it, with the goal of putting on a small, short, and funny digital play.

Materials Needed: a device to view the script and to attend the zoom meeting.


]In this course, you will learn the basics of TinkerCad, an online 3-D design tool.  Tinkercad is a 3D modeling program that runs in a web browser and is a popular platform for creating models for 3D printing. Participants will learn how to build shapes and real-life objects. 

Materials Needed: Laptop, Email Address, Access to WiFi

Instructors: Meet the Team
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HTML Programming

Hi my name is Anisha. I am a freshman who has a passion for coding. My hobbies are playing guitar and reading. Additionally, I like to participate in hackathons to enhance my skills and learn new concepts. Recently my team won few hackathons.  I am  excited to teach  HTML class. 

Join me and have fun building your new website with HTML in this class 



HTML Programming

Hello!  Saurav Kumar here, a 9th grader at Bellarmine College Preparatory high school, and I'm seriously passionate about Computer Science and programming.

looking forward to a class of students joining this volunteering coding adventure with inAtalent!



Competitive Math and Java Programming

I am a rising junior at Lynbrook High School. I love to teach and participate in math and computer science competitions.

I am a three-time AIME qualifier and got invited to Math Prize for Girls at MIT for the past 2 years. Last summer, I was one of the 10 students selected from US for the International Math Kangaroo Camp in Poland. In middle school I was part of the Miller Middle School's MathCounts team which placed 3rd in California. 

I have been programming for 5 years and completed AP Computer Science. I am a Stanford AI4ALL Alumni, and currently at Gold level in USACO competition. I placed 2nd at ACSL National Competition, and was on the team which placed first at Girls Programming League.

I am looking forward to share my passions with all of you.



Python Programming

Hi, my name is Utsav Kataria, and I am a freshman at Lynbrook High School currently taking CS as one of my electives. I am passionate about programming, and love to code. 

During the weekends, I enjoy volunteering at senior centers to help seniors with their technology needs. I have been awarded with the InATalent Leadership award as well as the United States Presidential Gold Service Award for my volunteer services. I also enjoy debating and have been doing public forum debate for the past three years. I have won several awards at various tournaments. In my free time I enjoy reading, playing table tennis, and swimming. I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge and passion with all of you.



C++ Programming

Hello! My name is Aneka Busam and I will be a senior at Marquette High School. I have a strong passion in computer science and public speaking and debate as well. Since my freshman year, I had been taking many computer classes. Throughout high school I have taken a range of STEM courses like AP computer science, C++ programming, Java and programming languages, Fundamentals of App and Game development. Through these courses I have learned many languages like Java, C++, Visual Basic. With my passionate interest in coding I have also learned the basics of python and HTML as well.

Instructors: Meet the Team





Jordan Parker joined inAtalent with the vision and drive to improve upon our Non-Profit Organization, and focused on developing the organizatioMy name is Adithri Sharma and I love working with kids. I have a passion for singing and have been singing,  writing and composing since I was 3. I also have a youtube channel ( , DibsMusic and blog on which I upload music as well.n with experience and integrity.




Hi Guys! My name is Dhruv Sawhney and I am an incoming freshman at Leland High. I have been learning and practicing karate for the last 9 years and have a second degree black belt. For the last two years, I have been assisting and teaching kids at my studio as well. In our time together I will teach you some of the basic skills like kicks and punches and we will also perform some fun drills involving those skills. I will also be teaching you some of the values that will help you in your life. Even more, I will also help you to relax and control your emotions by meditating. I look forward to seeing you guys.




Hi everyone, my name is Shylaa Karan and I am a seventh grader at Quimby Oak Middle School. I have been doing Taekwondo for 8 years and have been to many tournaments throughout the years. I am also a 2nd degree black belt and have taught several age groups in my Taekwondo classes. I am looking forward to teaching you all about what Taekwondo is and some basic movements and forms!



Bolly Dance

Hi! My name is Utkarsh Nandy. I am a current junior at Cupertino High and, would like to share:  I absolutely love dance.
My mum started my adventures when I was 5 and I have been dancing since. Having been coached from several academies and opportunities to perform at many events and competitions, am looking forward to sharing and caring thru inAtalent and hopefully building adventures for the next generation of like souls. Also, a special shout out for getting workshops by renowned artists such as Salman Yusuff Khan - winner of Dance India dance season 1. 
In case you’re curious, check out my involvement with Cupertino High dance team!  Tino Dhadkan and as an instructor in Bollywood Dance Connection.

Instructors: Meet the Team




French for beginners

Hi! I'm Anisha Saboo. I'm a rising senior at Lynbrook High School, and I've been learning French for 5 years. I am looking forward to my AP French class next year! In my free time, I love to play piano and sing!
If you are a student taking French and you need assistance, I'm available to help!  Or if you’d like to start learning French with others… come join us at this new inAtalent class via this virtual linguistic adventure!



Spanish for beginners

Hi! I'm Arya and I'm a rising sophomore in Parkway Central High in St.Louis , MO. I'm a coder, pianist, swimmer, and I love learning languages. I speak 4 languages: English, Spanish, Hindi, and Marathi. I've been learning Spanish for 4 years and I take advanced Spanish in school as well. I'm fluent and have passed Spanish exams recognized around the world. 
If you want to learn Spanish or are starting Spanish in school, you're in the right place for help and guidance! Fun fact: Spanish is one of the easiest languages to learn in the world and I can't wait to start this journey with y'all!



Story Telling / Writing
Grades: K-5

Hi my name is Pavani Nukala, and I am a rising junior at Case Western Reserve University on the pre-med track. I have more than 5 years of experience in tutoring students K-12, so I am very happy to be applying those skills to help other pupils.
I will be teaching the story writing class for elementary students. Eventually, as middle school, high school and as college students, your children will need to know how to share their points in their writing creatively, especially for their English classes and college admissions. It is important to build these skills now as young children, so that later on, their writing advances. For these classes, I will introduce and elaborate on topics like plot, characters, vocabulary, climax and verbiage, which are crucial elements in the development of writing. Each class will be spent delving into one or a few of these concepts, and the students will then learn how to apply those concepts in their writing.
Please feel free to reach out with questions!



Phonics & Reading

Hello! My name is Tavisha Patel. I am going to be a ninth grader in the fall. I am really excited to teach kindergarteners and preschoolers the basics of phonics and reading. Last summer, I helped two first graders with their reading skills for a couple of weeks. Personally, I love to read and I hope to share some of my enthusiasm for reading to these young learners.



Story/Essay Writing

Hello my name is Gorisha Runthala. I am 13 years old , an 8th grader at Bernal Intermediate School.



Creative Writing

Hello! My name is Ella and I am going to be a sophomore in high school this fall. I love reading and hearing other peoples stories so I am excited to help you share yours. Writing is super fun and a very important skill to master. It is a great way to express yourself. I am excited to share my knowledge with others and help students become future authors!



Creative Writing

Hi! My name is Diya Pendyala and I am a rising freshman at Notre Dame High School. I have been dancing for 10 years, and am now part of and teach classes at the Mona Khan Company. I teach classes for children ages 9-12 and am well versed in lyrical, jazz, contemporary, hip-hop, and Bollywood dance. I also love to sing, and have sung in a choir for 3 years, and classically for 2 years. I have had a passion for the human body for a long time, and last year, I went to MIT in Boston to compete for the National Brain Bee and placed 8th. I have a strong foundation in grammar and composition as both the private schools I've been to thus far have taught me advanced and interesting techniques. I am excited to teach middle school students writing, which will be useful for them in the future.



Hi, I am Shiva Khanna and I have been working in the field of education for the last twelve years. Alongside my teaching job, I am also an entrepreneur, running a home-based dance school called Dhoom Bollyfusion. After discovering that my true passions lie with helping others, I completed my master's in teaching from Cambridge University. During my time in the Bay Area, I have choreographed dances for several cultural programs and stayed involved in my community. I have been honored with leadership and entrepreneurship awards at the prestigious Bay Area shows as well. I am excited to be a part of the growth of this vibrant community. 

Instructors: Meet the Team




Competition Math

My name is Amogh Maheshwari. I am an incoming sophomore at American High School. I enjoy playing guitar and exploring clever ways of solving challenging math problems. I have a keen interest in mathematics. I have consistently got high scores in Math Olympiad  and Math Kangaroo competitions. I am excited to teach and share my knowledge, and skills with young math enthusiasts.



Elementary Math - Math Kangaroo/Olympiad

My name is Anshika Gupta. I love to read about fun math tricks and tips that help with math competitions like Math Kangaroo and Math Olympiad. I was placed 3rd nationwide in Math Kangaroo and I wish to share my skills and enthusiasm with elementary school kids and ultimately have them interested to do more fun math.



Elementary Math

My name is Isha Puri and I am a sophomore in Santa Clara High School. I enjoy playing field hockey and am part of under 16 team in a club called Stanford Lightning. I play in the goalie position. My other hobbies include photography and reading suspense novels. I am also part of the 49ers stem leadership program where we focus on math, technology, and engineering. In this program, I participated in the first tech challenge team last year where we built a moon landing rover. In my spare time, I enjoy cooking, baking, hiking and talking walks with my family.



Middle School Math

Hi, my name is Shreyaa Karan. I’m 15 years old, and I am a sophomore at Evergreen Valley Highschool. I really love learning and teaching math, so I decided to teach this class and relay my passion onto you all!

I will be teaching and discussing with you all about common middle school math topics such as Trigonometry, Graphing Functions, Geometry, and Solving Equations. 



AMC 8 Competition Math

I am a student at Miller Middle and passionate about Math and Science. I have participated in Math competitions all over US and won 4 National level and 25+ regional competitions. I qualified for AIME in 5th and 6th grade, and was part of my school’s MathCounts team which placed first in chapter competition. I was also part of my school’s Science Olympiad team.

In my free time I love to make Math related YouTube videos and play basketball. I have been taking AMC 8 since 4th grade and missed out on perfect score by one point last year. I am looking forward to sharing some tips to succeed in Math competitions.

0 - Abhigya Goel.jpeg


Algebra I

Hello, my name is Abhigya Goel and I am a rising freshman going to the Academy of Engineering and Technology in Virginia. I have been competing in math competitions and studying advanced mathematics since my 5th grade. Some of the math competitions I have competed in are the CML, AMC8, AMC10, and the OML. I love to teach others and look forward to it! 

This class will cover the fundamentals of Algebra I, such as variables, expressions, equations, inequalities, and how to graph equations.

Instructors: Meet the Team




Space Science

Hi, I am Aarav Gupta, an 8th grader at Stratford Middle School. Since my childhood, I have always loved to learn all I can about the outer space, and it has become my passion.
In my free time, I watch documentaries about outer space, I sketch, and I play boardgames with my parents. Also, I used to volunteer at senior citizen facilities through InATalent for the arts and crafts workshop.
Over the years, I have gained a lot of knowledge about space, and I would love to share this knowledge with you!



Hi my name is Amisha Kumar and I am a sophomore at CWRU. I am pre-med and majoring in Chemistry and would like to share my knowledge with you! I will be going over some crucial chemistry knowledge directed towards middle - high school students. 

Join me to broaden your chemistry knowledge or just to talk about pursuing medicine :)



Psychology (AP Precursor)

Hello! My name is Divya Venkataraman, and I am a rising sophomore at Monta Vista High School, where I am very involved with psychology. I have also taken various courses on this vast and bodacious topic, receiving a few certificates for my outstanding performances, and would love to share my learnings with you. I truly believe that this course will benefit everyone in the long run, as you will learn about what is best for your and others’ mental health. It will also be especially beneficial for those of you looking to complete the AP Psychology test in the future! 

Besides this, I am a proud volunteer at InATalent, and adore singing and dancing for the seniors, to see the joy it brings them, much like when I dance and sing for my grandparents at home!

Instructors: Meet the Team





Hi my name is Akhil Saboo and I am a rising Sophomore at Lynbrook High School. I am passionate about debate and have been debating for 3 years. I enjoy Public Forum Debate format a lot and have competed in 17 competitions as part of the Lynbrook (and previously Miller) debate team.
If you are interested in learning how to write a debate case or increase your confidence in public speaking and debating, please join my summer class at InATalent!



Public Speaking

Hi my name is Arushi Gupta and I go to Lynbrook High School. I am passionate about public speaking . I have competed in many competitions and my most favorite speech forms are Oratory and Impromptu. Additionally, I have a lot of experience in teaching math and public speaking. 
I invite you to have fun learning public speaking with me. Not only will you learn about the various speech forms but you will learn about the various factors that enable you to become a effective and confident speaker in front of a crowd.



Public Speaking and Digital Art

My name is Riya Malik and I’ve been involved in Speech and Debate for 3 years. I’ve competed with people all over the US and I would love to help anyone interested in growing their confidence in public speaking. 

In my series of classes, I will teach tips and tricks to speak better in front of a crowd, or even classmates. We’ll be presenting and learning all together.

I also love calligraphy and handlettering!!

I have been a calligraphist for almost 4 years now.  I can’t wait to share my passion with you via the inAtalent volunteering adventure!



Debate/Public Speaking

Hello! My name is Aneka Busam and I will be a senior at Marquette High School.

Public Speaking - In this class, we will learn and practice the competitive speaking events offered at a High School level speech and debate tournament. Some of the speaking events would be Informative, Oratory, Extempt, and many more interesting speech events. Throughout this course, I will give tips and plenty of practice to make one an excellent speaker.

Policy Debate - In this class, we will learn the basics of one of the three debates that High School level speech and debate has to offer. Students will be introduced to Policy Debate and learn how to do this specific type of debate. Throughout this course, we will have many practice rounds and plenty of fun!

Instructors: Meet the Team
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